Not my dream

It was very hot and sunny summer. I was going back home with my family when it happened. Everything was just perfect until that day. We were just an ordinary family in our return journey. It was about 11.00 pm and we hadn’t seen any car for few hours. We were listening ‘trójki’ as usually and then suddenly we hit something. The car stopped. We knew it had to be something really big like a wild boar or a deer. My dad got out and touched his head. He was terrified. After a while he got back to the car. He didn’t say a word. Then, after few minutes, he spoke: family, we have run over a man, but that’s not all, he has his throat slit. We couldn’t call the police. They would think, that we have run over him at first and then slit the throat.
It was obvious that we had to do something with the body. Now I would just runaway but that time we were too frightened to just leave the body. The police would find us somehow and put us in jail. We decided to bury the body in the wood near our home town. It was the nearest forest in this area. My father had a camp shovel in his boot which we used. We were digging a few hours and after that we went home. Next day our mother woke us up. She bought the newspaper and showed us an article about a hunt next day. It would be nothing special but the hunters were planning to use dogs and hunt in our forest-the same we were in last night. After a while we sat in our car and were going for the body. Once more we were frightened to death. We had a problem with finding the body. We buried it when it was still dark and in the day time the forest looked different. My sister was crying, my dad was furious. Me and my mum were the only calm people at that moment. We weren’t calm at all, we were just to frightened to think or to do something. Bu we knew that if we didn’t find the body, the dogs would. Fortunately the ground was still fresh after night digging and we found the body. We took it to the boot one more time. The body was decaying and stinking. None of us had done anything against the law before but that day we were determined and ready for everything. I suggested chopping and slicing the body and putting it in the trash bags. Then we could get rid of it throwing it out. No one else had an idea and this one sounded for us quite easy to realize. Somebody could think that we had been cannibals or something like that at the time. But for us the body was just a thing. Our safety and inner peace was the most important thing for us that time. After we had quartered the … the thing, we took it with us and threw the first bag into the street dustbin. It was an ordinary activity: a man was throwing the rubbish. Nobody asks why and what. Only one small homeless dog came to the dustbin and started to sniff. Fuck that dog. I had to take back the bag. The stupid animal would ruin everything. The plan wasn’t perfect. There was only one thing we could do and we should have done it earlier. The body was one big peace of meat so we can just sell it. Certainly nobody would buy a human body. Mincing the body would do. We bought 4 mincers and started our work in cellar. We packed the meat into small plastic bags like those in supermarkets. The blood was almost everywhere, our dog was eating the meat and even my mother suggested eating it for supper. It was a sick idea but nobody thought like that at the time. After a few hours we had 96 pounds of meat and it was too much to just sell it at butcher’s. It wasn’t a problem as I had another perfect idea. We wrote date on the bags and threw them away. The meat was to old to eat according to the date written on it. Now everything was perfect. Nobody would ask about old meat in dustbin. After that we went back home. Now we could rest. Since that time I hate meat. I have no respect for human life. For me it’s just a big peace of meat.

Andrzej Warzyński

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