This is a very interesting issue that one can hardly give a “yes” or “no” answer without serious consideration.
On the one hand the environment was cleaner and the world was safer 100 years ago. Many people tend to think that things are getting from worse to the worst in the modern world. The list of problems that are awaiting seems to be endless. It includes numerous environmental, political, economic, technological, medical, demographic and social issues such as:
- the exhaustion of the earth’s natural resources;
- the extinction of many species;
- the destruction of the tropical rain forests;
- the pollution of air, water and soil;
- the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere;
- the greenhouse effect and global warming;
- natural disasters related to changes in global climate (floods, droughts);
- earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions;
- the population explosion in poor countries;
- drug abuse and alcoholism;
- crime and violence;
- unemployment;
- military conflicts and wars;
- terrorism and bio-terrorism;
- intolerance and racism;
- break-up of the traditional family;
- the economic gap between the developed and developing countries;
- starvation;
- mass population drift from the poor to the richer countries;
- urbanisation;
- the misuse of the medical and scientific achievements (cloning, nuclear power);

On the other hand it is much easier and interesting to live in the modern world because of the numerous technical and scientific achievements. The pace of scientific and technological progress appears to be speeding up all the time. New inventions appear almost every day revolutionising each sphere of human life. Nowadays it seems so obvious that our homes are equipped with gas, water and electricity. We would find it difficult to live without a telephone, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, an electric cooker, a microwave, a refrigerator, a personal computer or the Internet. These and hundreds of other gadgets make our everyday lives more convenient, safer, more enjoyable and give us more free time. The production of food, household equipment is much easier, the treatment of diseases is more effective, and thanks to planes and cars travelling is much faster. Television, radio, the press, the Internet and mobile phones have obviously helped the society to quicken the communication process. Nowadays technology is making a reality of what only yesterday was but a dream.

In the conclusion, it is necessary to mention that apart from the side effects of technology, more and more people in the world live in greater comfort, health and prosperity than ever before. At the same time it is the responsibility of all people to detect, prevent and control any potential hazards.

Natalia Spychala

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